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TFS is a doorway of information and services for travelers in general and specifically for those who want to explore India a little bit closer. As some say, travel in India (or anywhere else for that matter) is indescribable. India is a land of remarkable diversity – from ancient traditions and artistic heritage to magnificent landscapes and food variety. Reading about India is not good enough to make a strong believer. TFS invites you to discover and experience the mesmerizing beauty of India in order to know what traveling India really feels like. TSF make such experience easier to achieve, we emphasize how to help and serve people traveling India well. With this aim, we have exhibited a long list of tour packages to select from. If you are interested in fun or an adventure trip, we undoubtedly have one for you. If you want to experience nature, spiritual or the cultural side of our country, then you have come to the right place. If you need our service on travel itineraries, booking, or travel advice in specific places of India, please contact us and we’ll be more than happy to help you out. At TFS.com, we are looking forward to enhancing your traveling experience with value-added services to travelers around the country. We hope you enjoyed visiting our website.

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Elementary Services:

TFS is a quality trip organizing company based in Rajasthan providing the following services:

  • ⦁ Absolute Transparency, no fake commitments
  • ⦁ Hotel Reservations
  • ⦁ City Sightseeing Tours & Expeditions
  • ⦁ Long experience of working Staff
  • ⦁ Private Vehicles/ Rental cars
  • ⦁ Travel Insurance
  • ⦁ Good atmosphere and Culture of the trip
  • ⦁ Food Facilities/ Transport Catering
  • ⦁ Experienced Trip captains
  • ⦁ Good mix of travelers (Male/Female)
  • ⦁ Safe environment for women Travelers
  • ⦁ Well trained drivers for tough topographies like Himachal Pradesh
  • ⦁ Minimal amount to book the tour.


Our Vision

Our vision is to provide traveler with a unique journey experience and packages to deliver unforgettable memories. TFS understand your love and passion for traveling and value your time & money. Redefining the travelling experiences, love for mountains so we measure our success on scale of your happiness

Our Belief

TFS believes in enhancing the traveling experience with value-added services to our clients’ around the country by pushing ourselves beyond your expectations. TFS is the place to come for culturally rich and immersive travel experiences. It is TFS’s goal to comfort our clients experiencing their true self within them by means of adventure.

Good mix of travellers

The idea is to see beautiful places, meet new people, enjoy nice conversations, and have lots of fun and making new friends while traveling. TFS reassure healthy atmosphere & culture of the trip and provide safe environment for women Travelers.

Pocket friendly budget/cost

TFS offers packages at an unmatched cost directly to you with minimal amount of booking the tour. TFS could be a great choice for budget friendly packages, with most trips in middle to low range, including a “Cost Saver” feature that allows you to explore the beauty of India in comfort includes visiting a fine combination of unique local spots and classic sites.

Our team

With our experienced trip captain and team members TFS is amongst the few dedicated companies who deliver a best support to our clients during the journey and also with dedicated chat and call support for all your queries before the journey. TFS is always willing to help our clients.